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We are happy to announce that today Tonight We Stand released a new single called “Hollowgrams” featuring hip hop/rap singer and artist Lavinia.

In the close-minded world we are unfortunately living in, we wanted to try and experiment new sounds to associate and mix to our metal/metalcore roots.
The result is something we are truly proud about.

The song itself has also a deep meaning: ‘Hollowgrams’ talks about the emotional struggles that many artists face and it addresses suicide/depression,” says the band.
With this song, we wanted to raise suicide awareness for the sake of anyone who has succumbed to the most insurmountable mental anguish.
We must look at suicide as what it is: a preventable outcome of a treatable illness.

Song recorded at Giovanni Bottan’s Solid Ground Recording Studio
Song mixed by Lucas D’Angelo (Betraying The Martyrs)
Song mastered by Ermin Hamidovic (Architects etc..)

Lyrics Video made by Scott Kennedy (

Artwork by Victoria Iodko: Follow here:


Please, listen to it, like it, share it, and don’t forget to add the follow hashtags: #tonightwestand #hollowgrams #tws #newworlddisorder


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